We work alongside operating partners to provide flexible and efficient capital and operational solutions targeting attractive results for our investors.

We provide flexible capital solutions for

  • Asset-based financings (accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, other assets)
  • Special situations (recapitalizations, refinancings, restructurings)
  • New originations (senior / sub debt, mezzanine, preferred equity, equity)
  • Secondary purchases of assets, loans, and securities (one-off situations, portfolio acquisitions, non/sub-performing loans and leases, REO)

We seek investment opportunities where

  • Traditional capital sources cannot respond quickly enough
  • Capital is scarce due to reasons other than fundamental value
  • Complexity, investment size, and/or relationships result in limited competition
  • The investment does not fit within the narrower mandate of banks / financial institutions
  • The investment supplements funds from conventional sources of capital