We provide investors access to differentiated investment exposures by leveraging a diverse
network of niche operating partners.

What operating partners provide

  • Sourcing of middle to lower-middle market niche opportunities
  • Specialized and/or localized asset and market knowledge
  • Operational expertise for a given asset class / sub-class

What we provide operating partners

  • Programmatic JV capital partner
  • GP co-investment to diversify finite operating partner capital
  • Scale to pursue additional and/or larger transactions
  • Flexible capital solutions
  • Ability to execute quickly
  • Credibility with intermediaries and counterparties
  • Back-office systems / processes
  • Expertise and value-add beyond capital

Operating Partner Examples

  • Restructuring Professionals
  • Senior Industry Executives
  • Niche Leasing Operators
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Homebuilders
  • Specialty Lending Platforms
  • Asset / Loan Servicers
  • Inventory Liquidation Specialists